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Wood Polish | Wood Painting It can enhance wooden furniture durability and shine.

It can enhance wooden furniture durability and shine. Polish and paint both are better for wood. It depends on the wood.

Wood Polish We are doing four types of polishes on wooden surfaces, varnish, spirit, melamine and finish polish. These polishes work best for bringing out the color and natural grain pattern of a wooden surface. 

Advantage of Polish

  • The furniture item has become more radiant.
  • The surface is protected from scratching and external damage.
  • The wood has become moisture resistant.
  • The finished piece is softer and protected from hairline cracks.

The disadvantage of wood Polish makes the piece radiant, but the surface becomes yellowish with age. Besides, to ensure that the surface beauty is enhanced with the polish you might need to spend extra for an expensive veneer.

The durability of wood Polish is quite good on interior surfaces, but it won’t work well for exterior surfaces. Exposure to heat, the sun, and harsh weather reduce the life of polish on wooden surfaces.

Wood Paints are a special type of pigmented coatings that are completely opaque and preferred mostly when you want to conceal the look of your furniture. In simpler words, if you don’t like the color and texture of wood then you can change it entirely by using wood painting.

Advantage of wood Paint

  • The paint application is easy and timesaving as compared to wooden polish.
  • Your furniture finished with paint will be more washable and safe for frequent cleaning.
  • The finished item will be more durable, stain-resistant and tough.
  • Paint on wooden items is using for both interior and exterior applications.

The disadvantage of wood Paint The major drawbacks of using paint on a wooden surface include flaking and cracking. With time the surface peels and leaves unsightly patches. Moreover, it takes more time in drying the surface when you use a painted finish.

The durability of wood Paint is specially formulated to withstand the harsh ultraviolet rays. You can use paint for your wooden surface on the exterior areas; it won’t harm the life of the finish in harsh weather.

Wood Polish | Wood Painting

Polish dries quickly, but it requires a special set of skills to do the job. On the other hand, you can do a paint job at home, but you might have to wait for a little bit extra between two coats. Where polish is weak against moisture and harsh weather conditions. A painted wooden item is safe even on the exterior areas of your house. So, keep in mind the radiant effect of polish and durability standards of paint and make an informed decision.